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“God…Our Greatest Hope and Our Greatest Threat”

By Rick Scarborough, April 20, 2022 in Katy Christian Magazine

Now, more than ever, America needs the church to step up and provide the salt and light of the gospel to the myriad crises and challenges our nation faces. Some of these crises include rising crime, the invasion at our southern border, rising food prices, the indoctrination and sexual exploitation of our children, and the refusal of our government to allow oil companies to extract the needed the petroleum with which God blessed our nation so that we do not have to be dependent on evil foreign regimes, paying our enemies to plot our destruction.

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“Parents’ Rights Movement Spurs New Age of Advocacy in Local School Board Races”

By John Haughey, March 11, 2022 in The Epoch Times

 Two years ago, Ryan Girdusky was a New York-based reporter for conservative news sites, Tiffany Justice was a former Florida school board member and mother of four school-aged children, and Steve Maxwell was focused on growing his agricultural software business across the Southeast.
None had experience in orchestrating political advocacy, recruiting candidates to run for public office or financing elections on a coordinated national scale.
But when anger over closed schools and pandemic restrictions galvanized a parents’ rights movement in spring 2020, Girdusky, Justice and Maxwell were among chief influencers in spurring the grassroots formation of more than 200 parents’ groups in school districts across the country, according to a Washington Post canvass.

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“Parent-activists, seeking control over education, are taking over school boards”

By Hannah Natanson, January 19, 2022 in Washington Post

The end came unceremoniously for Superintendent Scott Baker.

At a contentious and chaotic school board meeting in Virginia’s Spotsylvania County this month, members moved into an unplanned closed session and voted to fire Baker, who had served in the role for a decade. The board probably violated Virginia open meetings law, and it failed to identify an interim superintendent. But it offered an undeniable show of strength — proof that the Spotsylvania school system, like many others around the country, is entering a new era, under new power.

Four board members who describe themselves as advocates of parents’ rights drove the decision, said Baron Braswell, a long-serving Spotsylvania board member who stepped down last year but has kept in touch with his former peers. That faction — which is difficult to characterize politically, Braswell said, falling somewhere between the tea party and libertarianism — now has a majority after last fall’s elections, which saw a mother who campaigned partly on parents’ rights win a seat.

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“The Real War… Christians Fight to Rescue our Children through School Board Values Voting”

By Dr. Rick Scarborough, December 1, 2021 in Katy Christian Magazine

Many people that I meet know that our nation is deeply divided, but few seem to understand the nature of the true war that is raging right now for the soul of our country.  If you poll people on the street, most will say that the battle is between the Left and the Right or perhaps the Republicans and the Democrats, but that response misses the real players.  The true war is between those who acknowledge and revere God, believing that every person will one day stand before Holy God and account for their lives, and those who do not.  Those who reject such notions are still religious, but their religion is Secular Humanism which holds that man is in charge of his own destiny and that he can define right and wrong any way he pleases.  For these humanists there are no absolutes with one exception…they are absolutely certain there is no god to whom they will account. And people who hold such views are found in both political parties.

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“John Solomon Interview of Dr. Rick Scarborough” 

November 2, 2021

“It’s Time to Say Enough is Enough! The Time for the Church to Recover Our School Boards is Now!”

By Dr. Rick Scarborough, November 1, 2021 in Katy Christian Magazine

For the past decade America has been at war with China. The perplexing question is why most of our leaders did not seem to understand this. We were told that trading with a Communist dictatorship would show the virtues of capitalism, lifting the Chinese people out of poverty and eventually convincing China to join the family of Western free societies. Instead, China lured our manufacturing away with cheap and often slave labor providing huge profits, all the while covertly stealing our patents and intellectual property, advancing artificial intelligence, and building advanced military capabilities including hypersonic nuclear weapons. Then one day, America awoke to a threat unlike any we have ever faced.

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“Christians… The Time to Stand is Now!

By Dr. Rick Scarborough, October 15, 2021 in Katy Christian Magazine

America is in deep trouble. The COVID-19 Pandemic was real, but whether or not our Government reacted appropriately will be for the historians to decide. One thing is certain, allowing the government to do determine that gathering for worship was not essential while going to liquor stores and Walmart was, has had a devasting impact on our country. 

The 2020 Elections, conducted during the pandemic, left those who were watching, with legitimate concerns about the integrity of the results. There is growing consensus that voting irregularities occurred, raising much concern about future elections. Gratefully, many citizens are investing time and talent to make sure that such irregularities cease.

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“Educating Christians on the Importance of Voting

By Dr. Rick Scarborough, October 15, 2021 in Houston Business Connections

Recover America Friends in the News

“More Implosion of Hutchinson’s J6 Claims as Adam Schiff Steps in It Big Time on CNN”

By Nick Arama, June 28th, 2022 in

Now we already watched the January 6 Committee do themselves in, effectively, with the “witness” that they put on during the hearing on Tuesday, Cassidy Hutchinson.

First, they put on someone testifying to something she hadn’t seen, basically relating a conversation she claimed she overheard, so she had no real knowledge herself as to the veracity of the story. Then her story contradicted what the Committee was claiming.

But you would have thought, at least, if they were putting her on they would have checked the story with the people who she supposedly heard the story from — the alleged agents involved. It would appear they did not, as we reported that NBC says the Secret Service says Bobby Engel and the driver of the vehicle are willing to testify that what Hutchinson said happened didn’t happen. Now, more media are reporting they are hearing the same thing from their Secret Service sources.

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“The Appeal of Ron DeSantis”

By Thomas D. Klingenstein, June 27th, 2022 in

Like many of you, my junk mail folder is groaning under the weight of emails from hat-in-hand politicians. Most of these emails consist of a rat-a-tat-tat of one-sentence paragraphs screaming in bold text. Most try to gin up urgency: “You MUST contribute by sundown; otherwise, crazy, tax-and-spend Nancy will retain control of Congress.” If not crazy Nancy, then it’s the RINOs I need to fear. Pelosi and RINOs are the Republicans’ favorite stalking horses. Often the emails describe the candidate as being up against the wall: “My opponent outspent me 3-1 last month” so “I need your money right away.” Some of the emails are petulant, even whiney. “I have sent you 4 texts. Why haven’t I heard from you?”

Recently, I received a fundraising email from Governor Ron DeSantis that was different from the others. Although the DeSantis email is written in the (cringeworthy) patois of its genre, it does, within the limitations of such an email, provide an unusually comprehensive, integrated view of our current circumstances. DeSantis sees the pieces and fits them into a reasonably coherent whole.

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“ ‘What Is a Woman’ Exposes Disturbing Transgender Agenda”

By Evalyn Homoelle, June 03, 2022 in The Daily Signal

“I’ve heard people say that there are no differences between male and female. Those people are idiots.”

Thus begins Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s new “What Is a Woman?” documentary, which highlights the left’s ever-growing reluctance and inability to define gender. Think that defining the qualities of men and women is easy for most people today? Think again.

While some may struggle to “figure out” women, Walsh identifies that Western culture’s obsession with gender identity has paralyzed people from defining what a woman is. As the documentary progresses, we see further evidence that the transgender narrative has not only rejected the definitions of “man” and “woman” as insensitive and transphobic, but has dismantled the very concept of universal truth and reality.

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“Mama bears’ sweep school-board elections in Texas county”

By Art Moore, May 9, 2022 in

The revolt of the “mama bears” protesting COVID policies, Critical Race Theory and other far-left ideologies in schools was evident in four districts in the Fort Worth, Texas, area over the weekend.

All 13 candidates backed backed by conservative political action committees won their races Saturday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Among the biggest campaign contributors was the locally-based cellphone company Patriot Mobile, which describes itself as “America’s only Christian conservative wireless service provider.” The company gave $500,000 to a PAC to support candidates in the Carroll, Grapevine-Colleyville, Keller and Mansfield school districts.

The Fort Worth paper spotlighted one of the successful candidates, Andrew Yeager, who ran on a platform of teaching students how to think and not what to think. Yeager said his focus would be education, not “indoctrination.” Candidate Tammy Nakamura ran a campaign focused on giving power back to parents and removing political influence from “liberal Austin lobbyists.”

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“Rev. Franklin Graham: School board member is ‘most important elected official’ in America today”

By Maureen Mackey, April 19, 2022 in

Speaking to Fox News Digital exclusively in a telephone interview late last week and then via emailed comments on Monday, Rev. Franklin Graham, CEO and president of Samaritan’s Purse and CEO and president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, talked about the great need of Americans to turn to God today.

The Christian leader also noted the importance of elected office in communities across America — as, increasingly, concerned parents take a stand against a culture that does not embrace biblical values.

“People have turned their backs on God,” said Rev. Graham.”

“Our educators have taken God out of schools. Our politicians have taken God out of politics. Our nation is not better [for it]. Our nation is worse,” he said.

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“Tackling Critical Race Theory: What It Is and Where It Is Being Banned

By GQ Pan, December 2, 2021 on The Epoch Times

The presence of critical race theory (CRT) in K-12 education has become a prominent issue in some of the nation’s recent high-profile elections. In Virginia’s gubernatorial race, Glenn Youngkin, a Republican running on an anti-CRT platform, defeated former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who insisted that CRT isn’t being taught in Virginia’s K-12 classrooms and stated that parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach their children.

An outgrowth of Marxism, the CRT interprets society through a Marxist dichotomy between “oppressor” and “oppressed,” but replaces the class categories with racial groups. Proponents of CRT see deeply embedded racism in all aspects of U.S. society, including in neutral systems such as constitutional law and standardized tests, and deem it to be the root cause of “racial inequity,” or different outcomes for different races.

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“Schoolhouse Rocked

By Hannah Meador, November 12, 2021 on America Family Radio

In today’s world, there’s one specific thing I’ve noticed on the rise. And no, it isn’t gas prices I’m talking about. Rather, homeschooling.

Here at AFA, we read stories every day of ways the culture is indoctrinating America’s children through the education system. From the LGBTQ agenda to CRT, it is clear that the public school system is up to no good.

Globally, more than 168 million children were sent home from school due to COVID-19. During that season, parents quickly became teachers. But afterward, many parents never returned to the workforce and remained at home to teach their children. According to the Census Bureau, between May and August, the number of homeschool families doubled. And as someone who was once homeschooled, I consider that to be a blessing from God.

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