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Newsletter 1/21/24

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Dear Recover America Friend,
I am pleased to share the exciting news that Recover America is actively engaged in a national pastor and voter mobilization program as we earlier committed to do.

In conjunction with the
Remnant Alliance, with whom we are now closely aligned, we have just completed a series of key pastor meetings in six major metropolitan areas of Texas. On Sunday, I will fly to Lakeland, Florida, to meet with the leadership team of the Remnant Alliance in preparation for our next major initiative.

Beginning on Monday, January 22, I will join the other members of the Remnant Alliance leadership team to travel to Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia for two major pastor meetings in each State returning to Houston on Wednesday evening. And we will begin a second round of pastor meetings in Texas beginning in early February.

Friends, the response of pastors at these meetings has been overwhelming with over 90% of pastors attending deciding to team with the Remnant Alliance to educate, equip, empower and lead their congregations to be “Salt and Light” in their local communities.

And this important work is just starting!
The Remnant Alliance leadership team is also mapping out other key cities in up to eight states where we will continue our call for Pastors who are willing to step up and confront the Satanic attack on America. I believe that Christians and God’s faithful pastors are the only hope for America. Our aim is to find those remnant pastors, who like the sons of Issachar in the Old Testament, understand the times, and know what to do. (see I Chronicles 12:32).
As a member of the Remnant Alliance our goal is to equip pastors and their congregations to be Salt and Light. And, in this key election year, perhaps the most important in our lifetime, our primary focus will be to call the faithful pastors who will join us in registering millions of Christians and leading them to the polls to vote their individual faith-values on Election Day. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, we will not endorse a candidate. Rather, our role is to motivate, inform and equip people of faith to be knowledgeable, informed voters and to reflect those faith values at the polls.

Friends, we are committed to this journey. As a member of the leadership team, my key role during these meetings is to deliver the final address at and give the altar call to Pastors to join our effort to save America. In 1992 God called me to this fight for soul of America, and it is my sincere privilege and commitment to continue His call as part of the Remnant Alliance.
Thank you for praying and supporting our efforts. It is because of you that we are able to actively participate in this nationwide call for pastor involvement and revival and have the chance to reach thousands of pastors with our message of hope and revival.

As mentioned previously each member of the Alliance must raise their own support, and we have undertaken a large scale effort.
Now, more than ever, I need your support. Please give the largest gift you can by clicking our donation link now. It is safe and secure and you will be going with me as my financial partner.


Please pray for Tommye while I’m away as well. I remain…
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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