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Newsletter 12/19/23

By December 21, 2023No Comments
Dear Recover America Friend,
I pray this finds you fully experiencing the joys of the season, and looking forward with the hope that God’s hand will move with an awakening and revival in this nation. He calls on us to remain confident and strong and continue to work for His purposes. And we are seeing many signs that those He has called are making a difference. 

In previous emails, I shared our excitement to announce that Recover America has joined with a team of ministries and faith-based organizations to form The Remnant Alliance. This alliance is committed to providing a clear path to support pastors and church leaders to effectively engage with our disintegrating culture. And that work is well underway.

Beginning in January and throughout the coming year, Recover America, as part of The Remnant Alliance, will be conducting pastor meetings throughout the state of Texas with the goal of finding hundreds, if not thousands of Texas pastors who have not lost their zeal for God and are willing to lead their congregations to become “Salt and Light” in the communities where they are located. Not all pastors will respond, but we believe there is a remnant of Pastors who will be called by God to participate. 

In this regard, I would ask you to prayerfully consider two things. 

  •  First, if you believe your Pastor would be interested in learning more about The Remnant Alliance, please let us know how we can get in touch with him or a church leader to invite them to attend one of these many pastor meetings. You may use the following link to provide us with contact information:

  • Second, we would be grateful if you would choose to join in this effort with your financial support.
For those of you who have reached the age that mandates withdrawals from your IRA’s, as Tommye and I have,  please consider transferring a portion of those withdrawals to Recover America, which may allow you to avoid paying taxes on those required distributions. We have made this our practice since 2021. Please check with your financial advisor or CPA to determine if and how this provision of the tax code applies to your situation. 

Thank you again for your past support and your prayers. It has been a blessing for us and for the cause.
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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