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Newsletter 12/27/22

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A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Recover America Friend,

As we approach the New Year, America is facing several serious issues that must be addressed.  To restore America will require a Nehemiah type approach, with each committed Christian individual and organization finding their place on the wall and repairing the breach until the wall is complete.

I mentioned in my last newsletter that I would be detailing the filth and degradation our children are experiencing in public schools, and our plans to stop them.  I believe my place on the wall is addressing the attack on our most vulnerable citizens… our children.  But I cannot do that effectively without a loyal and capable staff to assist me and hundreds of prayer warriors and financial partners who provide the prayer cover and funds we need to conduct a successful campaign for our children.
What is happening to our children is satanic.  Beginning in the eighties, homosexual activists began demanding tolerance and acknowledgement.  Once they gained acceptance, they began demanding more and more.  

In my second book,
Liberalism Kills Kids, published in the nineties, I wrote that soon homosexual activists would be demanding the right to have sex with children.  I was attacked as an alarmist at the time, but now advocacy for adults having sex with children is a main feature in Gay Pride Parades in major cities across America.  In 2018 CBN News featured an article entitled: Children as Sex Objects: Why NYC Gay Pride Parade Is Being Called a 'Celebration of Pedophilia.  A ten-year-old self-identified “Drag Kid,” named Desmond Napoles (below), was the face of the parade.
But they didn’t stop there.  While you and I were busy doing life, homosexual activists were strategizing on how to capture our children.  They reasoned correctly, the place to sexualize our children was through public education.  For the past decade homosexuals have been writing cartoon books targeting our children that make the abnormal and immoral, normal.  Today, hundreds of books featuring every abhorrent behavior you can imagine line our public school library and our research verifies they are among the most popular books in the library, protected by librarians under free speech and the pursuit of education.  When concerned parents object, they become labeled as Nazi book burners and worse.

I have in my possession several of these books. Among my growing collection, as teachers and school librarians who have longed for Pastoral assistance in showing parents what their children are being exposed to, include such titles as: 

1. The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish, by Lil Miss Hot Mess
Rainbow; The First Book of Pride, by Michael Genhart
The GayBCs, by M. L. Webb
Gender Queer; A Memoir, by Maia Lobabe (Designated by the American Library Association as a Stonewall Honor Book)

Our children are being sexualized by the ones we trust to educate them.  As test scores plummet year after year, our children are becoming proficient in choosing their new pronouns and how to have sex in elementary school, detached from morals and shame.  They can’t read or do simple math equations, but they know how to have same sex experiences, obtain sex change operations, and where to find hormones to aide in transitioning to a new sex.  
I am infuriated by what I have learned, and me and my dedicated staff are determined to do all we can to expose what we have learned and stop this madness before it’s too late.  We have a strategy for doing so, which includes discovering when school districts have school board elections and identifying pastors and churches in those districts to educate them as to what is happening in their local schools.  If they desire our assistance, we will help them to the degree we can depending on funds provided by concerned Christians such as yourself.

This war for the soul of our children is real and a war effort requires real money.  If you have read this much of this important newsletter, you clearly care about the issue.  Once we launch this effort we expect to encounter much opposition.  The proponents of sexualizing children have no hesitation to slander us and use intimidation, but we know that going in and we are willing to fight this battle IF we have sufficient funding and prayer support.
Would you consider clicking the above donate button and making the largest contribution you can?  If you are over 70, your IRA may require you to take a taxable distribution this year, but you can contribute that amount to a tax-deductible charity like ours and avoid the taxes while gaining a tax deduction on your federal income tax.  Please consult your financial advisor before doing so, but Tommye and I are in that same position, and we do so every year.

Beloved, tax deduction or not, we need your help in this battle.  Many people make charitable contributions at the end of the year.  Please click here and contribute to this very worthwhile cause.  And know that in addition to helping us fight this battle, you are appreciated and loved by our whole team for choosing to help us.

Have a Blessed New Year!
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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