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Newsletter 2/13/24

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The Remnant Alliance is team of ministries and faith-based organizations who are committed to providing a clear path for pastors and churches to move into active engagement with the culture for the purpose of restoring God’s moral values as the foundation for America’s success. Recover America’s specific role is to participate with the leadership team in finding those remnant pastors and faith leaders who are called by God to stand up, speak up and refuse to give up.
Subsequently, the other member organizations of the Alliance, each with their own nationally recognized programs, work closely with Remnant Alliance pastors in coordinated programs to provide comprehensive World View training, facilitate related programs within the church, provide unparalleled Biblical Citizenship training, and coordinate the engagement of individuals in a structured process for individual people of faith to engage and bring “salt and light” into the community.

You can find out additional information about the
Remnant Alliance and links to member organizations on the following link:
Pastor Briefings
The Remnant Alliance leadership team has just finished the second round of pastor meetings in Texas.  Over the past month, it has been our blessing and privilege to meet with pastors and bring the message of encouragement that standing together, Christians can do their part in extending the Kingdom of God.  In the process, and with God’s blessing, the involvement of pastors and men and women of faith will also open the way to restoring this Nation to that which God intended.  
Thus far, the Alliance leadership team has conducted 18 pastor briefing in 14 metropolitan areas  in 4 states.   I am pleased to report that during the process over 90% of pastors attending have made a commitment to join with the Alliance in this journey.  Several more multi-city, multi -state series of similar meetings are planned before the General Election in November.  We are excited to see the body of Christ engaging as they are.
Citizens Defending Freedom

One of the founding members of the Alliance, Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF), is on the front line in identifying and addressing breaches of freedom.  CDF provides the tools and support needed to empower citizens to defend their freedom and liberty, and place local government back into the hands of the people. CDF intends to support and champion the American citizen whose freedom and liberty have been breached. 

This organization is active in several states and expanding to others. I’m pleased to share with you one of the very significant accomplishments of CDF right here in Texas that will be a significant step in the continuing effort to protect our school children.
Make You Voice Heard – Vote on March 5, 2023

Finally, please remember March 5, 2023, is the date to VOTE in the Texas Primary Elections.  Mark your calendars and encourage your family and friends to make their vote known.

It is important to vote, and it is essential to vote for the candidate that best reflects your personal faith values.  For most of us, it is difficult to know much about any of the candidates without a guide.  There are many partisan and non-partisan resources for voter information.  
Recover America has consistently recommended as a non-partisan assessment of candidates
Our Work is Possible Because of You!
Our mission is succeeding because of your continued involvement with Recover America.  I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and your financial support.  We are excited about the expanding opportunities that God is opening for us since we joined the leadership team of the Remnant Alliance.  Our need for your prayer and financial support is greater than ever as we seek to do His Kingdom work. 


Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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