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Newsletter 4/5/22

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A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Recover America Friend,

The past few weeks have once again highlighted the incompetence of our current administration both domestically and internationally.  It’s akin to an accruing maelstrom of approaching storms, each of which could end life as we know it if not taken seriously.  Our country and our way of life is crashing by every measurement.   Only those who know Jesus and how to access and unleash His wisdom can save it.

At home we are experiencing an explosion of crime and violence coupled with the collapse of law and order.  It seems that daily another police officer is killed as liberal DA’s across the country release felons back on to the streets with little or no punishment for their crimes.  At the southern border, our border patrol agents are resigning in record numbers and the ones who remain cannot stem the tide.  And now the President has lifted all COVID restrictions causing some to speculate that illegals will cross our borders at rates we have never seen and cannot accommodate.  At some point the system simply collapses.  Could this not be the goal?

Internationally, the world is facing what could result in the third World War.   The difference this time is that both sides possess enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet a hundred times over.  Putin must be stopped.  Then there was the Afghanistan withdrawal, yet another example of the sheer incompetence of this administration, leaving literally billions of dollars worth of military supplies and machinery in the hands of terrorists.    Brutal regimes and tin pot dictators now feel empowered to take what they want from a weakened America.  We must have a third Great Awakening if we are to survive.  God help us.
Beloved, the church is the only institution on the earth with the sole assignment to confront evil and bind the works of darkness.  The mission of the Recover America Ministry is to find the remnant of pastors who still hold a Biblical worldview and who understand the power of the cross on which our Savior bled and died.  That is what we are committed to do and you must stand with us to get the job done.

Beginning this month, we are planning 50 events across Texas to find a minimum of 1,000 pastors who will stand up and confront the evil at their doorstep.   Whether its CRT or transgenderism in their local schools, murder and mayhem in their streets due to broken families and drug addiction, or the new slavery engulfing the world, human trafficking,
we must stand united.

People often tell me that Pastors will never engage in the civil arena.  They urge me to quit wasting my time, but if they will not, America is lost because the church is the only instrument God has to stop evil on earth.  I am committed to pastors, and I believe that there are thousands in this country who have remained faithful.  Help me find them.
 Please click our donate button and contribute today.  We need your help in this battle for the soul of our country. 
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Recent Recover America Events

This past Sunday, March 27, Dr. Scarborough spoke at Church For All  Nations in Colorado Springs, before traveling to Woodland Park that evening.   There he was the guest of Andrew Womack Ministries for two days on their more than 400 beautiful wooded acre campus of Charis Bible College and the international headquarters of Andrew Womack Ministries.

Monday night, March 28th he joined host Andrew Womack, Bill Federer, and co-host, Mark Cowart, Senior Pastor of the great Church For All Nations, in Colorado Springs, to speak in a nationwide livestream broadcast called, Truth and Liberty.  You can watch the program which was also carried by a Christian TV network, by clicking here to watch.

He then returned to Texas to take part in the Freedom Gala, featuring Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame, sponsored by a new educational nonprofit created by lifelong friend, Dr. Steve Hotze.  The focus of the evening was voter integrity, with each speaker addressing the irregularities of the last election and why concerned Christians must work to stop it if liberty is to be maintained in America, the world’s last hope.

Upcoming Events to Pray For

Recover America is going to stay in the fight!  On April 7th we are gathering some of the most prominent pastors in the Houston metroplex to discuss two big events for June and September.  

On April 28th Recover America will co-sponsor a major Pastor gathering in Plano, Texas at the great Prestonwood Baptist Church where Dr. Scarborough's seminary classmate, Dr. Jack Graham is the Senior Pastor.  

Then on May 17, we will host another major pastor event in San Antonio at a site to be determined soon.  Check our website at in the upcoming weeks for more details.

These are exciting times in the life of Recover America.  We hope you will join us in our fight to help Recover the soul of America.  
Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

I remain your servant and friend,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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