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Newsletter 6/16/22

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A Call to Texas Pastors

Recover America and Liberty Pastors are co-sponsoring a Pastor event in Austin Texas on August 29th through August 31st.   Each Pastor and their spouse will get to enjoy 3 days of R & R, fellowship with other pastors/leaders and be equipped to engage on cultural issues of the day aimed at destroying the Church and the family!  Please tell your Pastor and have them sign up here.

A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Recover America Friend,

On Thursday evening I drove back from Dallas where I had a very important meeting with a prominent and influential leader of the Conservative Movement.  I was so encouraged by the meeting, as we discussed the very real opportunity that our country can be wrestled out of the hands of those who seem bent on destroying our nation morally and financially.  If Christians show up and vote biblically in November, there is a true chance we could witness the birth pains of revival in America.
That same night I made the mistake of tuning my radio to the “made for TV” January 6th Committee Report, presented by seven Democrats and two chosen Republicans.  For the next hour I listened to riveting testimony that included the former President’s name more than 100 times in the two-hour special aired in primetime on all major networks.  By the time the presentation was over, I was depressed.  Then God reminded me of Proverbs 18:17: In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

The Democrats who control both Houses and the executive branch, chose to ignore over 200 years of tradition in which both sides have a say in all committees, reflecting the will of the people who put them in power.  Instead, they shut out any real cross-examination of the witnesses or the accusations being presented.  There was no mention of the fact that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies were warning there was increasing evidence that something very dangerous could occur on that day and no one called for increased security and reinforcements.   That in turn could have prevented a relatively small number of insurrectionists from making that day one of the saddest in American history.
No one disputes the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans at the event came to hear the president speak, and peacefully express their concern about voter integrity.  They were also there to enjoy a day of celebrating four years of prosperity and Conservative gains.  The facts are America had experienced a dramatic turn in the make-up of the Supreme Court, achieved energy independence, strengthened our military, restored respect internationally, was underway to protecting our southern border, had made great progress in stopping the spread of COVID 19, and were experiencing the benefits of a roaring economy. In short, they were there to celebrate freedom and American renewal. I think it is fair to say that no one, other than a minute few extreme radicals had any idea such madness as storming the Capital was planned.  The overwhelming majority of American patriots did not participate in the madness that occurred and departed when it began.

Will the Committee report that side of the story? I seriously doubt they will, but a fair analysis of the day would! We will continue to hear one side of the story from this unbalanced committee. So be prepared. In the meantime…

Recover America has a Plan

Two weeks ago, we partnered with Tony Perkins and Family Research Council to host over 150 pastors and faith leaders at Grace Woodlands Church in Houston, Texas.  Some of America’s foremost pastors and experts on our culture spoke at the six-hour Pastors Briefing, including George Barna, America’s leading Christian pollster and the founder of The Barna Group, a market research firm specializing in studying the religious beliefs and behavior of Americans, and the intersection of faith and culture. He is also the Senior Research Fellow for Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview at The Family Research Council.  He provided jaw dropping evidence of America’s peril and the necessity of Christian involvement in a fight to recover America. All of the speaker’s messages, including my remarks, will soon be linked on our site.
At the Briefing, I stressed the importance of Pastors leading the way to the restoration of Judeo-Christian values. Our message to Pastors on this matter is: Historically pastors did.  Legally pastors can. Biblically pastors must.

I challenged the pastors and church leaders to join with Recover America in a 5-step program to restore our Schools, our State, and our Nation. Between now and Election Day we will continue our mission to identify and connect with a minimum of 2000 pastors in Texas who will commit to five things. 

  1. Pray
  2. Preach on why Christians must vote their values on Election Day
  3. Register their congregants so they will be eligible to vote on Election Day.
  4. Educate by providing voter guides.  The only thing worse than not voting is voting wrong.   We recommend as a great source for information on candidates.
  5. Vote.  We’re asking pastors to lead their people to the polls.  Be an example.
Over the next few months, Recover America will continue to be focused on outreach to Pastors and faith leaders. We are participating with Liberty Pastors in America at the Crossroads Pastor Conferences in some of America’s favorite resorts in key locations across America over the coming months leading up to the Elections.  We are partnering with Liberty Pastors.

Why resorts? Because we believe that Pastors deserve an opportunity to rest and relax a few days and we want to honor them.  But equally important, America needs informed and courageous Pastors, so we also provide Christian worldview training by some of America’s foremost authorities on issues confronting the church. It won’t be all play.  They will be in a classroom setting until early afternoon each day. The Timothy Plan, owned by one of our Recover America Board Members, is underwriting most of the expenses of these training conferences for pastors.

Please check out the links below and make sure your pastors attends one of these great opportunities for continuing education and R&R.

All of this and more is being accomplished because people like you pray for and invest in our work.  We need everyone who reads this newsletter to do something to help us.  If you’re still reading you care!  Please use this button below to partner with us as we seek to stop the madness and bring morality and civility back to the public square.
Click Here to Donate
So, I say, Christians…Don’t Lose Heart!  If we will keep our eyes on the prize, we can return our nation to sanity and civility by getting the radicals out of power who are unleashing the terrors of hell on our nation.

You and I must stand up to this madness and shout, Enough is enough!

I remain…
You're friend in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 
P.S.  Check out my latest podcast here!  Next week I will be speaking across New England to pastors.  Please pray for this endeavor. Our next newsletter will provide a report.

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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