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Newsletter 8/1/23

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Dear Recover America Friend,

Charlie Kirk

The summer has been hot and busy for your staff at Recover America. I will try to be short but there is a lot to cover.

First and perhaps the most important thing is our securing Charlie Kirk for our first annual gala for Recover America on October 17th at the River Oaks Country Club. A flyer is attached at the end of this newsletter for you to peruse and hopefully reserve your table or seat.

Charlie is God’s man for this hour on college and high school campuses. His organization, Turning Point USA, now has over 1,000 conservative clubs on college and high school campuses, training and releasing students to stand up for Christian values and Jesus Christ who gave us freedom.  He also hosts the popular radio show and podcast, "The Charlie Kirk Show".

I have long admired this young man, wise for any age, bold and unafraid to confront the woke culture that is killing our kids and advancing a wicked agenda of transgender mutilation and the LGBTQ+ agenda.

Charlie and I with our organizations have joined together with Citizens Defending Freedom, Liberty Pastors, Salt and Light Council, and Patriot Academy, to form the Remnant Alliance, which you will hear more about as the days go by. We are through losing ground to the well-financed and unified Left who are turning our country into a third world failed economy with the ultimate design to make us a part of a global communist world. We have covenanted together to stop playing defense and begin counter attacking, using our collective gifts to fight back and win.

America in the Balance

I have been working on a book since December, entitled "America in the Balance", subtitled the American Dream vs. the Woke Nightmare, with my co-author, Steve Feazel. Mike Huckabee wrote the foreword and many leaders in the conservative movement have endorsed the book. America in the Balance will be available to purchase by the middle of August, but you can reserve your copy today by clicking here. I will sign it and send a Bible verse to you who pre-order along with an invoice for $19.95, payable upon receipt.


During the past month I have spoken to three True Texas Projects in Lubbock, Plano, and Denton and traveled to Wichita, Kansas, where I addressed pastors and several laymen, who invited me to return in October to preach a two-day crusade.  I am very excited to assist these men in calling people to faith in Christ and sincerely ask you to pray for a successful endeavor.

I have also produced 30 one-minute commentaries called, “I’m Rick Scarborough and This is My Take” which airs daily on over 300 radio stations on the Bott Radio Network and the American Family Network. You can listen to any of them by clicking here. I encourage you to sign up to receive them as they are produced. Each on contains a brief sermon, calling Christians to stand up to the woke left who are destroying our country while the church sleeps.

For Pastors Only

Join Recover America for an exclusive Liberty Pastors event with Kevin Freeman at LibertyHawk Ranch in Argyle, Texas.

Liberty Hawk Ranch is conveniently located just 30 minutes north of DFW Airport. Between Dallas and Denton on I-35

Click here to register NOW as tickets are extremely limited!

We’ll have training from economist Kevin Freeman (host of the Economic War Room on Blaze TV), Justin Haskins (co-author with Glenn Beck on the new best seller “Dark Future”), Dr. Ben Carson will send his greetings, economist Mike Carter with the Economic Warroom, retired Air Force General Steven Kwast and we’ll have some fun with comedian and musician Doc Gibbs.
We begin with dinner Thursday evening, August 17, and end at lunchtime Friday, August 18.

This teaching summit is designed for pastors to equip you with spiritual and practical steps to protect your flocks and hopefully stop the Great Reset.

This conference is FREE of charge. We only ask for a $10 registration fee. We have room for only 40 pastors to attend in person on a first come first serve basis so hurry!

Thank You

To those of you who partner with us, THANK YOU. Your generous investment in our work encourages us and sustains us. We need financial partners to stay in this fight. Whether a one-time gift or a monthly recurring gift, all are appreciated. You can make a gift by clicking the below donate button.
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

15311 Vantage Pkwy West Ste 315, Houston, TX 77032


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