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Newsletter 9/30/22

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A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Recover America Friend,

In only five weeks we will have the most consequential election of my lifetime.  This country will not survive two more years of decline at the rate of the last two.  If people can’t see that then we are already lost as a free people.  Citizens of our Republic have been locked up in solitary confinement since last January 6th without a hearing, while criminals walk out of jail without bail for bludgeoning seniors in our major cities where Soros funded DAs routinely peddle equity in our jails by letting felons with dozens of previous arrests walk free.  One party rule isn’t working unless the purpose is to end our Constitutional Republic.  
Please join our efforts to get Christians to the polls voting like followers of Christ.  Over the next five weeks we will be doing everything in our power to move the 4,000 pastors we have identified as Conservative pastors to register and mobilize their flocks to vote Biblically on Election Day.  One thing I will be engage in is the Texas Leadership Summit in Brenham, Texas, on October 8th at the High School auditorium, featuring presidential candidate and Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, former Trump Press Secretary and Fox Contributor, Kayleigh McEnany, and myself, among others.

You can view my interview with the organizer, Pastor Tim Webb by clicking this link:  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and get alerted any time we post new content.  I encourage you to watch this excellent video created in our new TV studio in our offices.  We have more than a dozen interviews which we have recently recorded archived at our site:  for you to watch and be encouraged. 
Over the past two weeks, since our last communication, I have spoken over a dozen time in four states to pastors, churches, and conferences.  Some of the highlights include the past two Liberty Pastor Bootcamps, where more than 200 pastors were trained how to Biblically address the most raging controversies of our times.  They were exposed to some of the true heroes of the faith who are speaking out about the COVID Hoax, Critical Race Theory, gender fluidity, child mutilation, the new green deal which is the old lie about the earth subduing us rather than us subduing the earth, and the culture of death that is willing to go to any length to retain the “right” to kill a pre-born child.

At every stop you have been our partner.  Thank you.  Your investment in our work allows us to carry out our mission.  Click the button below to make a safe online donation.

This weekend I will be speaking to the great Church on the Rock in Texarkana, Texas, led by our good friend and longtime supporter, Pastor John Miller.  Then on October 15th weekend I will be speaking at Legacy Church, where Pastor Steve Smothermon is the pastor.  These two wonderful churches are both regular supporters of our ministry, for which I will be forever grateful.

Please keep us in your prayers and help us if you can.  We need everyone who cares about our country to invest in our work as we seek to move pastors and their congregations.  Please click this link and make the largest donation you can.  We need your help! 

I remain…

Yours and His!

Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

15311 Vantage Pkwy West Ste 315, Houston, TX 77032


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Upon graduation, Bill went to work for Humble Oil and Refining Department in the Marketing Sales Engineering Department. During his 38 career, he held various management and executive positions in Exxon USA’s Refining, Marketing, and Human Resources departments. Bill retired from Exxon in 2000 after a special assignment to coordinate the world-wide merger of the labor relations activities of Exxon and Mobil.

In 2000, Bill worked for a year during the start-up of Vision America, and then served as a member of the Board of Directors for Vision America until 2016. Bill and his wife built aretirement home in the mountains of Colorado. After 15 years they moved back to Austin to be closer to family. While in Austin, Bill was engaged with Keller Williams in residential real estate. They moved back to the Houston area in April of this year, and has worked with Recover America since.Bill is married to Deborah Gattis, a wonderful wife, mother of their children, grandmother, and worship leader/vocalist. They will celebrate their 40th anniversary this September. They have been richly blessed with 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

Dr. Scarborough is an ordained Minister and served as the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Pearland, Texas from 1990 to 2002.  During his time there, he encouraged his congregation to live their faith and consider running for public office. Eventually, his church members occupied most of the seats on the city council and local school board.

Three church members later served with distinction in the Texas State Legislature, one of whom is now in the U.S. Congress, and another who served as a District Judge. A former member is currently the Mayor of Pearland, TX.

Since resigning from has First Baptist Church of Pearland in 2002, Dr. Scarborough personally addressed thousands of pastors, encouraging them to active in the civil arena, leading their congregations to vote their values and be salt and light, while never compromising their faith. He has been the focus of two award winning tv documentaries and has been featured on the front page of the Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Kansas City Star, Dallas Morning News and Time Magazine, to name a few. He has frequently appeared on National TV standing up for Conservative Christian Values.

In 2018, Dr. Scarborough founded Recover America, a 501c3, which is a Christian non-profit organization, and in 2021, he founded Recover America Action, a Christian 501C4.

Dr. Scarborough is the author of five books. His latest release America in the Balance … “the American Dream vs. the Woke Nightmare was released in August, 2023. His one-minute commentaries,I’m Rick Scarborough and This is My Take” are currently airing daily on over 300 stations on the Bott Radio Network and the American Family Radio Network.

Dr. Scarborough received a B.A. from Houston Christian University, an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a D. Min. from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary, with additional studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Tommye, have three children, one of whom is in Heaven, four grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.