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Trump trial: Merchan and defense witness clash amid judge’s question limitations

By Ashley Oliver - Washington Examiner

NEW YORK — Judge Juan Merchan became irate at a witness Donald Trump‘s defense team brought in to testify in the former president’s hush money trial on Monday, claiming the witness was reacting inappropriately to the judge’s decisions.

Merchan pointed out that Robert Costello said “geez” in response to one of the judge’s rulings and that Costello offered to strike his own response from the record. Merchan said he also noticed Costello roll his eyes and give him “side eye” at one point.

“As a witness on the stand, you don’t say ‘geez.’ … You don’t give me side eye and you don’t roll your eyes,” Merchan said.

Merchan then abruptly yelled, “Clear the courtroom!” It was unclear exactly what prompted Merchan’s outrage, but after a few minutes of Merchan talking alone with the witness and attorneys, the trial resumed and the jury returned.

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