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Famous Transgender Navy SEAL Chris Beck Announces Detransition, Calls For Treatments On Kids To Stop

By January 24, 2023July 29th, 2023No Comments

JAMES LYNCH - Daily Caller

Former Navy SEAL Chris Beck, known as the transgender woman Kristin Beck, is detransitioning back to being a man, he said in an interview Dec. 1.

Chris Beck was interviewed by political commentator Robby Starbuck about his detransition. The interview covered, “how the VA provided doctor convinced him he was trans in a 1 hr session, how the VA doctor hatched a deal to release a book together, how CNN used him and most importantly, to warn the children who could be harmed next, ” according to Starbuck’s show summary.

He told Starbuck that he is “not transgender” and used his confusion as an example of why psychologists should not “push their agenda” onto children. Beck claimed in the interview that it took a one hour long meeting at the Department of Veterans Affairs for him to be recommended hormones, which he has now been off for seven years. He went on to break down the effects of the hormones used for the gender transition on his body.

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