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Newsletter 1/27/23

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A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Recover America Friend,

Last week I recorded a 20-minute video with RA board member Dr. Steven Hotze and State Board of Education Trustee, Julie Pickering, aptly titled, "Save Our Schools, or S.O.S.".  You can view it by clicking this link. Be forewarned that some of the images you will see are graphic and were taken directly from books we have obtained from local school libraries that our children are reading and sharing with their friends.

The level of sexual exploitation taking place in our public schools, using our tax money, is incomprehensible.  The more I learn the more outraged I am as a Christian American.   
Our staff has developed a plan to rally Christians to vote in upcoming school board elections taking place all over Texas in May.  We are urging concerned Christians to register to run for open school board seats in May. 

S.O.S Rallies

We'll come to your community and hold a rally to educate and encourage voter turn-out for these elections, which typically draws less than 10% of eligible voters, upon request.  Leftist liberals have been using low voter turnout to elect people who do not share the values of the majority of people in the community.  They are stealing our children away in the first six years of their educational life, leaving them with poor basic skills but indoctrinated with abhorrent sexual behavior and without shame.  The immoral and abnormal become normal in their developing minds utilizing cartoon characters in short stories and novels. I have seen them, and I am determined to shine the light of day on them.

If you have an interest in a rally being conducted in your town or school district, please email me at or you can reply to this email.  We will contact you immediately.  Our mission is to stop this madness NOW.  We cannot continue to act like it’s not happening.  Scripture reveals in three places that Jesus said if we allow one little one to be corrupted, we will pay a severe price.  (See Matt. 18:6; Mark 9:42; Luke 17:2). 

Partnering in Our Mission

We cannot do this without substantial help and assistance.  Please click the donate button below to invest in our Save our Students campaign.  We need hundreds of partners like you to succeed.  No investment is too small or too large.  We are praying for new partners every day to assist us in this mission.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
I remain...

Your servant for Jesus’ sake, 
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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