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Newsletter 2/26/22

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Dear Richard,

For the first time since World War II, a free nation has been attacked by a foreign power with tanks and missiles.  I had the privilege of meeting two members of the Ukrainian Parliament while I was working in Washington DC.  Tommye and I entertained them in our apartment for two hours.  They contacted me specifically because I was known as a Pastor who worked to advance Christianity in government, and they were both Christians.  I will never forget the tenderness of their heart nor the steel in their spine to advance a righteous agenda in their country, known for its graft and corruption.  I can only wonder what they are doing today with Russian tanks rumbling through their country and missiles raining down on their loved ones.
Beloved, we must pray and be willing to defend our peace loving friends who are seeing their country destroyed and freedoms being taken away as I write this newsletter.  

My podcast, released today and available here, was taped early Thursday and shows how all of this has not caught God by surprise.  It may be one of my most important podcasts since the George Floyd incident.  Please listen and send it to your friends.
Tommye and I are in beautiful Dana Point, CA., for three days of meetings with other national leaders from Government, Religion, Law and Business as you read this.  The organization is called the Council for National Policy.  I was invited to join in 1996.  We will be hearing from those who know what is really happening on a number of fronts and certainly the developments in the Ukraine.

We return on Sunday, and then I will be joining a small group of Faith Leaders in Ft. Worth, TX, on Tuesday, called together by James Robison, for the purpose of prayer and seeking God for our divided nation.  We will be addressing the upcoming elections and I have made it my mission to bring to their attention the May school board elections being held around the country and the growing tyranny of CRT, No Place for Hate and a host of other divisive programs being advanced on our children by Educrats and liberal administrators.  It will not stop until Pastors and other Faith Leaders stand up and say Enough is Enough.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday I will be meeting with a group of leaders in Ft. Worth, who have been compiling evidence of voter fraud in the last election.  This small but committed group of men and women say they have the proof that our 2020 elections were rife with cheating.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment as I listen and discuss what they have found.  
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These are challenging days, but with God, we can do anything.  I love you all!  I remain…

Your friend and servant for Jesus’ sake,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

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Dr. Rick Scarborough

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