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Newsletter 3/9/22

Dear Richard,

God continues to bless Recover America, opening doors and allowing me to meet with various Faith leaders across the country all of whom share my same passion to turn this country back to Christ.  I recently traveled to California and participated with 400 National Leaders for a three-day networking conference.  I had the privilege of convening a two-hour meeting in which members reported on their activities and offered action items. Next, I traveled to Fort Worth where I participated in another meeting of leaders led by James Robison.  This gathering was smaller and more intimate in nature, centering on the plight of our country and prayer for one another as we all seek to fulfill our calling to call America back to God.
Next was a two-day meeting with a small group of patriots who have been quietly amassing evidence of voter fraud and seeking to make sure that future elections are fair, and each sacred vote is legal and counted.  There are thousands of such groups across America who understand that without fair elections freedom is lost.

I then traveled to Edmond, OK., where I preached to the wonderful people who comprise the Fairview Baptist Church. Co-pastored by my good friends and fellow Patriot Pastors, Paul Blair and Dan Fisher, both courageous men of God who are at the forefront of calling pastors to stand up and be counted.  I will be joining them in Little Rock, AR., where we are conducting another Patriot Pastor Bootcamp; a three-day intensive Christian worldview conference.  Please pray for me as  I will be delivering the final address at the end of the three days.
Please don't forget that every Tuesday and Friday we produce a ten-minute podcast, available on all the major podcast platforms, "Mixing Church and State God’s Way".  Please listen, pray, and send to a friend. 

On a final note, also please continue to pray for our friends in Ukraine.  Pray for God's protection and pray that revival would break out across the land as Ukranians turn their hearts back to their Savior Jesus Christ.
Again…thank you for standing with us.  I remain…

Your friend in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 
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