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Newsletter 4/1/24

Dear Recover America Friend,
There is no more important day in the calendar of a follower of Christ than this next Sunday.  The empty tomb is the forever proof that Jesus was the Christ, God incarnate, who went to the cross for our sins and rose again the following Sunday morning, which Christendom celebrates this Sunday.  

On behalf of Recover America, and as a fellow pastor, I want to express my gratitude for pastors who have remained faithful and who will stand in pulpits all across the world this weekend and remind their congregations
that Jesus is alive, and has conquered sin, satan, and the grave on our behalf.  Hallelujah! He is risen, indeed! 

Recover America Report

Your faithful support was well invested in our work over the past 45 days.  We have conducted 28 Pastor Briefings in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas.  In addition, we joined Pastor Paul Blair and his team in training over 100 pastors in a three-day Patriot Pastor Boot Camp at St. Simons Resort in Georgia.  
Some of our guests for these events included Alex Newman, a journalist and commentator for Epoch News, Dr. Lee Merritt with America’s Frontline Doctors, Bridgett Gabriel, founder of Act for America with over a million activists ready to engage the enemies of Christ, and Rick Green, who has trained over one million graduates of his Biblical Citizenship course that teaches Americans the truth about our Constitution.

During our last two events, I gave a gospel invitation to the preachers and Christian leaders who were present, and three of them prayed to receive Christ.  I learned a lesson…never take for granted that just because people go to church they are saved.  I purposed that never again will I fail to offer salvation to anyone who hears me speak, regardless of the setting.  Pray for us to see hundreds and thousands come to Christ in my remaining years of ministry.

In the coming weeks we will be in Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, and Arizona for events.  Pray for each stop as we will be in multiple cities across Texas and Florida and in Wisconsin and Arizona for three-day Bootcamps equipping pastors and leaders in how take back our country from those who seek to tear it down.

Our enemy, the evil one known as satan, never gives back the ground he has taken; it must be taken back by force and that is what we are endeavoring to do.  Pray for our success.  

Recover America is Seeking More Financial Partners

"Yet you do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures."

James 2:2-3
Beloved, we are not seeking support for our pleasure.  We are confronting evil and have even faced a picket by BLM as we travel.  A Satanist group recently published a warning that our group was working in their area.  We are a threat to their devilish schemes and rejoice that they are tracking us.  

It is important that I share with you that every member of the Remnant Alliance must be responsible for the expenses they incur as we travel.  You can look at our schedule and quickly determine that as we do more we are spending more.
 Recover America must grow our financial partners support base significantly as our involvement in this important collaboration with other national organizations, known as the Remnant Alliance, grows. I have been tasked with the role of the  National Field Director to assist with getting pastors to attend our gatherings.

We need your help today.  
Would you prayerfully click the donate button below and make a special Easter gift toward saving our nation?  Austin Independent School District just used taxpayer funds to host a student led Gay Pride celebration.  And in Midland this past week dozens of books depicting graphic immoral sex acts were discovered in their school libraries.  And you witness daily the two-tiered justice system in our country that threatens to end democracy as we know it.  
We are battling this every week, but we need your prayers and financial assistance to carry forward.  Please join us and forward this newsletter to others who share our values.  

I pray your Easter weekend will be one of great joy.  I remain...

Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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