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Proclaiming Easter ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ Is About Something Far More Sinister Than Politics

By April 2, 2024No Comments

By Bonchie -

On Good Friday, while most Christians were honoring the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the White House had other ideas. As Redstate reported, a declaration was put out by the Biden administration in which the president proclaimed that March 31st, 2024, Easter Sunday, would be "transgender day of visibility."

Naturally, just to rub salt in the wound, the header of the statement included a picture of a bunny instead of any symbolism that could be connected to the most sacred day of the year for Christians. Why would Biden's handlers go out of their way to pretend that some "day of visibility" made up by a mentally ill man 15 years ago holds the same significance as Easter?

Most speculated that it was yet another move by the president to shore up his base. That's possible given he's seen significant slippage among key demographics over the past year. That's largely due to his decision to only partially throw Israel under the bus in its war with Hamas.

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