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Newsletter 4/17/23

By April 17, 2023July 3rd, 2023No Comments
Dear Recover America Friend,

The Problem is Real.  Our Children Are at Risk!

Parents around the State of Texas are awaking to the fact that many of the K-12 school curriculums are including radical anti-American elements of the CRT agenda, as well as promoting the destructive notion that LGBTQ, gender fluidity, and transgenderism represent normal behavior.  The abnormal is being actively promoted as normal.  The ungodly is being characterized as acceptable.  And children are being mutilated by doctors and hospitals which capitalize on gender-reassignment surgeries.  As a result, an entire generation of our school-age children are at risk.

In the name of education, children are being immersed in ideologies of hopelessness within the public school system.  More often than not, elected school boards, who should be accountable to parents and voters, are abdicating responsible stewardship if not rapidly advocating and implementing radical agendas hostile to truth. 

Christians Must Vote Their Conscience Values on May 6, 2023 

On May 6th, voters across the State of Texas will have the opportunity to define the future of a countless number of our school age children.

Men and women of faith must
actively engage to elect a conservative majority of Biblically grounded individuals to School Board positions who will work to change the curriculum and to remove the books and materials in public school libraries which are poisoning the minds of our children.

Motivated Churches and Informed Voters Can Decide the Outcome of an Election

It is estimated that voting at the School Board level, is very low … less than 10% of eligible voters in mid-term elections.  Historically, mid-term elections have been dominated by voters with a liberal theology or no theology at all.  As a result, many school-boards across this State, have been dominated for years by a majority of progressives who have allowed, or promoted the issues we are facing today.

Faith voters can and have been making a difference in recent elections.  When people understand the crisis facing our children and know what candidates stand for, they will get involved! Is A Trusted Source of Information

Recover America has consistently recommended as a source of candidate information. is part of the American Family Association. does not make candidate recommendations.   Rather they assess candidates with a systematic and comprehensive process to assess candidate ideology and worldviews.  The centerpiece of the evaluation is a questionnaire which allows candidates the opportunity to clearly state their positions.  

For the May 2023 elections, almost 300 candidates in 140+ races across 58 Texas school districts were evaluated by The May 2023 Texas School Board voter guide provides individual candidate assessments.  We encourage you to make this option for candidate assessment known to your congregation.  It can be easily assessed with the following link (Texas School Board - May 2023

A Call To Action

Friends, if you live in the State of Texas and the independent school district in which you reside is having a school board election this May, please vote your faith convictions and rally as many concerned friends as you can to join you. The last day of early voting by personal appearance is Tuesday, May 2nd and regular voting is on May 6, 2023.

If you live in another State or in a school district which is not having May elections,
I encourage you to take the time to find out about your election schedules and be involved in the affairs of your local school districts.

we can and must make a difference for the children, many of whom are being indoctrinated at the expense of receiving a meaningful education
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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