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Newsletter 5/26/23

By May 26, 2023July 3rd, 2023No Comments
Dear Recover America Friend,

School Board Elections

Thank you for your continual prayers and financial support.  We have just finished assessing the results of our efforts in the May ISD School Board Elections across Texas and I am happy to report there was much for which we can celebrate.  Locally conservative candidates did very well, largely because Christians turned out and voted their values.

Katy ISD, conservatives swept all three races.
Magnolia ISD, the highest ranked conservative won the only contested race.
Pasadena ISD, conservative incumbents in two races defeated liberal challengers.
Pearland ISD, a conservative incumbent defeated a liberal challenger.
Spring Branch ISD, conservatives won both races against liberal opponents.
Humble ISD, one seat was won by a conservative candidate.

Across Texas in 55 ISD’s conservative candidates won approximately 80% of the races in which they ran. Unfortunately, in 38% of the races, no conservative candidate ran, while liberals ran candidates in 90% of the races.  The takeaway is simple... more conservative candidates must be willing to run for these important positions.  School Boards set the policy that directs the education of our next generation.  We must pay attention and make sure Godly candidates run for these positions.  Perhaps you should consider running.

HB100 - School Choice

I have spent considerable time and attention working to make sure our Texas Legislature advances our values, and I am happy to announce there are many reasons of celebrating the work of our most conservative leaders in Austin.  While there is yet more to be done, many excellent laws have been passed and there are a few days yet to persuade our legislators to get HB 100, School Choice across the finish line.  Call your Senator and your Representative as well as the Governor and the Lt. Governor’s offices and express your desire to see this legislation become the law in Texas.  Click the links below for the numbers to call.  

Also, it looks like Texas will become the 16th state and largest by far to pass legislation prohibiting gender modification (more accurately named gender mutilation) for minors. All that is needed is for Gov. Abbott to add his signature. This is a great win for our children and for those of you who prayed for and worked toward the passage of this bill.

Target Stores Showcases Trans Displays

The Target Corporation has decided they will support the "trans-ing" of our kids by promoting an LGBTQ+ clothing line with clothes designed for transgender kids.  They are selling such items as swim suits that allow boys to "tuck" their genitalia and a variety of adult clothing promoting homosexual ideology with slogans such as "Super Queer".

America will not stand for this and Target is already trying to backtrack but it is too late.  Over the last two days, they have seen their stock plummet losing billions of dollars.
Join Recover America and partner with the American Family Association to stop this madness by clicking the below button and signing the petition. 
Sign the Petition

Recover America Future Plans

Our staff has worked tirelessly on an aggressive plan to move pastors across Texas before the next presidential elections. 2024 will, without question, either give birth to a revival of values and God’s plan for America or it will be the death of the Republic and the birth of a demonically inspired move toward Communism and tyranny. Christians must be awakened, and I believe Pastors are the key.

Our initial plan calls for $135,000.00, which will allow us to start finding the Remnant of pastors in Texas who reject the demonic Wokeism that is replacing God in many of our churches and corporate board rooms. In a shocking display of shaking their fist in God’s face, Los Angeles has chosen to honor a Drag Queen organization called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, that mocks the Catholic Church and Nuns, for their annual Gay Pride Day in Dodger Stadium.
Please help us fight back with this important undertaking, for the Glory of God. Click here to give to this special fund:
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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