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Newsletter 5/5/22

A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Recover America Friend,

An Awakening in America?  Perhaps…Here’s why I am encouraged

Light shines the brightest in the dark.  Our God always does His best work just after a crucifixion!

For the past 18 months our country has been spiraling down with floods of illegals coming across our southern border.  This has made the cartels rich in sex and drug trafficking. Exploding inflation, low national morale and division unlike any seen since the Civil War is also rampant.  On Tuesday though, something wonderful happened. Like many of you, I heard about an unprecedented leak at the Supreme Court of the United States that could bring an end to the injustice of America’s war on the unborn that has claimed more than 60 million lives of pre-born babies.  If true, it will not end abortion but it will send the issue back to each state for elected officials to define its parameters for their citizens.

This is just the latest of many encouraging signs that there may yet be a Third Great Awakening coming to America.  
Here's what gives me hope.

  • People want their leaders from both sides of the political divide to return to making America first rather than surrendering American Sovereignty to the radicals in this country and globalist everywhere.
  • Parents across this nation are awakening to the fact that their children are being indoctrinated by leftist ideologues and are showing up at school board meetings and firing or replacing the “Educrats”.
  • Conservative biblical voters are defeating liberals in special elections and primary runoffs. There is growing evidence that a tidal wave of disgruntled voters will be going to the polls next Fall to vote for candidates who share their moral values and conservative principles.  
  • Pastors who have never been politically engaged are seeing the necessity and practical benefits of leading Christians to engage in the civil arena, voting their Biblical values and becoming leaders in their communities, state, and nation.  These are the same values that once made America “The shining city set upon a hill” which President Reagan spoke of to the rest of the world
  • Voters are recognizing that without election integrity, freedom cannot be preserved, and they are doing something about it.  Dinesh DeSousa’s new documentary, 2000 Mules is required viewing for those who want to stay informed so they can offer solutions that assure that an awakening can come to our beloved nation.

All the above and more gives me hope, but we must continue to pray and be vigilant to see it through. 
We must be reminded, that people who have built altars to abortion, those who worship mother earth while denying Father God and kneeling to the false god of climate change will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of a one world government controlled by “chosen.”  That includes launching a war on Russia that could lead to a third and conclusive world war.  The last world war ended with the detonation of a nuclear bomb. The next world war could commence with a nuclear bomb and end with the annihilation of the planet.

Always remember, if someone will kill a baby, nothing else is a stretch.  That is why good men and women must stay engaged as the salt and light that Jesus called us to be, taking the Gospel into the marketplace of ideas, shaping the debate to the glory of God. Christians like you and me are the hope of America.  Silence is not always golden.

We must work together and pray for an Awakening that would result in millions being saved, and that is why I created Recover America.  We are building a team of professionals to preserve Texas as a bastion of freedom and creating a model for the battle ground states in 2024.  Over the past week we conducted two pastor meetings, working with Family Research Council and Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano for one of them.  This month we will do one in Cleveland, TX and another cooperative venture with FRC and the great Grace Woodlands Church, pastored by my longtime friend, Steve Riggle.

Please keep these meetings in your prayers.  Also, consider joining our Ambassador Club of donors who sponsor the education of our Patriot Pastors at $29.00 per month per Pastor.  Click here to become a Recover America Ambassador, or click the button below to donate to our general fund.
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One last thing to mention.  We are starting the process of building the Recover America Intercessory Prayer Team.  This will be headed up by Tommye Scarborough.  If you are interested in volunteering to intercede for Recover America and receiving her weekly prayer advisory, please respond directly to her at

Beloved, I am grateful to have you as a part of our family.  I remain..

Your friend in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
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