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Newsletter 8/16/22

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A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Richard,

Vermont Grassroots Conference

The trip to Vermont and New Hampshire which I mentioned in our last newsletter went very well.  The Vermont Grassroots organization is led by a wonderful and faithful Christian whose name is Ellie Martin.  She has fought for our values in a very liberal part of the nation for decades and was a joy to get to know.  Her efforts helped get a number of conservative candidates through the primary elections which were held the week after our conference, against great odds and was a reminder to me that God honors those who honor him.
I had the privilege of getting to know a wonderful and outspoken Christian Professor, Dr. Carol M. Swain, who appears regularly on Fox and Newsmax, speaking out forthrightly for our values.  Her hard work resulted in a tenured professorship at Vanderbilt University, after an accomplished stint at Princeton University.  After tiring of hearing leftist propaganda on both campuses, she began speaking out and exposing their wicked agenda, which resulted in her walking away from her cushy position as a tenured professor, so she could freely enlighten people as to what is happening on college campuses across the nation.
I also addressed the assault on students in preschool with the oversexualization of our children and she addressed the college campuses resulting in everyone agreeing that now, more than at any other time in our history as a nation, America is under attack and Christians must speak out. 

New Hampshire Meetings

From Vermont, I drove to Weare, New Hampshire to visit two of our favorite people; Howard and Martha Kaloogian.  I met Howard when he was an assemblyman in the California Legislature.  Mutual friends arranged our meeting and a friendship was born.  Howard term limited out of the State Legislature in California ans went on to bigger and better things, including leading Californians to oust Governor Grey Davis in 2003.  After that successful effort, Howard organized and ran the most successful Tea Party efforts in America before becoming the Chief Development Officer for Hillsdale College, where he serves at this time.  On the side, he coaches novices like me to be more effective.  I spent two days in their home and addressed about twenty in their home about our efforts in Texas.

Liberty Pastor Worldview Conferences

Over the next two months, Recover America will cooperate with co-pastors Paul Blair and Dan Fisher who head up Liberty Pastors, in hosting three and four-day Christian worldview conferences in luxurious resorts in Austin Texas, Tulsa OK., and Coeur d’Alene, ID.  You can find out more about these conferences by clicking this link.  If you are a senior pastor and would like to attend one of these outstanding continuing education events, please follow the link to the registration page on our website for the event that best fits your schedule.  We are urging Texas Pastors to attend the event at Barton Creek just outside of Austin.  Several laypeople are paying the $99.00 registration fee and travel expenses for their pastor to attend as we seek to mobilize thousands of Texans to vote Biblically on Election Day. Perhaps you could do that for your pastor.
Recover America TV Production Studio

Three of our Board Members have underwritten the lion’s share of expenses for us to set up a state-of-the-art studio in our offices for taping videos and responding to news stories with our take from a Biblical perspective.  Very soon you will be offered an option to hear and see me give this newsletter live from our studios, enhancing the experience and allowing us to personalize the reports.  In addition, all future podcasts will be video casts.  We will also make our studio available for school board candidates to affordably communicate their message to their constituents.  Please pray for this endeavor and if you can help us financially, we would be very appreciative.  Click here to invest in our TV studio.

Moment of Truth with Mike Lindell

This weekend I will be joining thousands of other patriots in Missouri for the Moment of Truth Summit hosted by Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame.  Then at the end of the week we will host the Omni Barton Creek Pastors event in Austin.  These are important events that could shape the future of our country as Patriots join together for strategy and prayer.

Financial Partners

Dear faithful friends, we depend on people like you to advance our efforts to educate and mobilize pastors to save America.  We can identify and train one pastor for approximately $29.00 and many of you help us find and train one pastor each month.  Thank you.  Perhaps someone else reading this might be inspired to help us.  In the last few days two of our subscribers signed up to help us with 10 pastors this month.  Thank you.

Monthly financial partners are our lifeblood.  To those who have joined our team… thank you!
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Have a blessed week.  I remain...

Yours and His!
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

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