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Newsletter 8/5/22

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A Word from Dr. Scarborough

Dear Richard,

Recover America and Liberty Pastors are sponsoring 150 pastors and their wives for two nights and three days of teaching and relaxation at the beautiful Omni Barton Creek Resort just outside of Austin, August 29-31.  Participating pastors will hear some of America’s most respected experts on CRT, BLM, the World Economic Forum, Gender Dysphoria, and especially, how to become a modern day Black Robbed Regiment Pastor.  The only cost to the pastor is a $99.00 registration fee which secures his room.

Click here and learn more.  Laypeople, why not encourage your pastor to go to this luxurious resort by offering to pay the $99 registration fee?  You might offer to keep his children if that would encourage him to get away with his wife for a few days. Rooms are filling fast, so they must act soon to secure a reservation.  Lodging and two meals a day are provided.   We are trying to find 2000 pastors who will mobilize their people to vote this fall and this conference is key to our strategy to succeed
We are focused like a laser beam on the fall elections.  Working to maximize your investment and prayer for our work, we are targeting seven large school districts which have board elections in November with identifiable activists who are already stirred to action, trying to stop the indoctrination of their children.  In addition, we have identified key conservative pastors with whom we are initiating communications to make sure they know what is happening in their local school districts.

We cannot endorse candidates as a nonprofit ministry, but we can educate pastors and Christians on the issues and then pray and hope they act appropriately.  We will help with school board candidate forums through which every candidate can express what they believe about the issues that concern parents. Issues such as gender transitioning, drag queen story time in elementary and pre-schools, inappropriate sexualization of children, Critical Race Theory, and expose their embracing radical groups like Black Lives Matter.  It is time to demand that teachers return to teaching the basics and preparing our children to succeed in life.

The current radical drift in our public schools is not without forethought.  See for yourself YouTube recordings of teachers bragging about their commitment to recruiting your children to their extreme views on gender dysphoria and transgenderism.  We are speaking out on these issues and intend to make it clear that Recover America is about righteousness and renewal that cannot come without God’s Word being honored in our public schools as well as in our homes and churches. 
It seems that every week God enables us to see a little clearer His plans for Recover America.  Our Executive Board met last week and voted to fund and set up a tv production studio in an empty office in our suite that I prayed over for months asking God why we had the empty space.  In fact, I offered the space to two different ministries, free of charge, which both declined.  Now I know why.

Three of our Board members pledged to underwrite the purchase of equipment for us to begin producing videos and media responses on hot button issues from a Biblical perspective.  Additionally, we will be able to do interviews with the media and friends who are on TV, offering high quality video which they require.  Two gifted contractors are working with us to set up and begin producing videos. 

I am writing this newsletter as I travel to Vermont to speak to an organization known as Vermont Grassroots. This is my second foray into the devil’s playground in as many months.  As you know, most of the Northeast, which was originally settled by dedicated Christians, is now the spawning ground of liberalism and secular humanism.  When I was in Boston, New Hampshire and Maine last month, I found discouraged and defeated pastors who had bought into the lie that God could not send revival to their part of the country, and they were basically “hanging on ‘til Jesus comes.” 

There were some beautiful exceptions to that depressing report, and I am returning because the remnant there needs to be encouraged and recharged.  I did everything in my power to convince my hosts that it would be better if I just Skyped in my remarks, but they insisted at great expense, that I come, so I am on my way as I write this newsletter.  Please pray for me to seed a great revival in Vermont, home of extremist Senator Bernie Sanders.  I will be meeting with pastors, speaking at a conference and preaching in a small church on Sunday.

Beloved, every month we require a miracle to survive.  Please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly financial partner with us.  For $29.00 we can recruit and disciple another pastor.  We have a growing number of $29.00 per month donors who help get another pastor on board each month.

Thank you for reading this lengthy report.  We depend on your prayers and financial support.  Please click the button below to make a financial investment in a ministry that is making a difference.
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I remain...

Your friend in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

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