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Newsletter 9/8/23

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Dear Recover America Friend,

America in the Balance…The American Dream vs. The Woke Nightmare

"America in the Balance" is now available at This is the most important book I have written and is a “must read” for Christians who want to understand each of the satanic assaults our country is facing and how to counteract these attacks. I strongly recommend that you purchase a copy. Credit cards can be used to acquire your copy of the book. Hardbacks will be available within the next two weeks.

Now that the book is out, I am doing a lot of traveling to speak and promote the book. As the interviews are aired, we will post them on our website for your viewing.

Charlie Kirk and Recover America Dinner Reception at the River Oaks Country Club, October 17th

Charlie Kirk is one of the most sought-after speakers in the American Conservative movement. His organization, Turning Point USA, employs hundreds of paid and volunteer staff, with pro-life and pro-family student organizations on over 1,000 high school and university campuses. His daily three-hour talk show program over Salem Radio Network, has become very popular with young and old. He will be our guest speaker on October 17th. There are only a few tickets left for this great event. I hope to see you there.

For more information on the dinner and ticket information, click here:

Good News regarding recent School Board Elections

Katy ISD Adopts a Pro-Parent Gender Priority. The importance of electing school-board candidates with faith-based moral standards was never more evident than in passage of a pro-parent gender priority bill by the Katy ISD on August 28, 2023. This policy is intended to provide parents full authority over their children’s health and well-being in the classroom setting. The new policy requires separate restrooms and locker rooms, requires the use of pronouns based on the student’s biological sex, and prohibits faculty and staff from teaching or using instructional materials relating to gender ideology.

In 2023, three candidates with faith-based values visited our office for support. We were unable to endorse their candidacy due to being a non-profit but were able to provide encouragement and prayer, which we did. Subsequently they were elected to the Katy ISD School Board.
To illustrate how important electing the right people to these positions can be, these three new board members all voted in favor of the parent-friendly new policy, which passed with a 4 to 3 vote. Those who voted for these three candidates have made a difference in the lives of the students in Katy ISD.

As is every pro-family, moral based bill or policy that is passed by any governing authority, it is anticipated that this policy will be challenged in court by groups favoring the proliferation of anti-God and anti-America agendas.

Friends, you can and must make a difference.
Voting in every election is important. Voting for the right candidate is essential. For all elections, Recover America has consistently recommended as a reliable, non-partisan source of assessments for all candidates on the ballot.

Recent Ministry Travels and Interview

On September 17-18 I joined about forty other pastors for two days of training at the beautiful facilities known as Liberty Hawk Ranch, owned by my good friends, Kevin and Marnie Freeman. Kevin is a remarkable economist, educated in both economics and Biblical theology, and has written extensively on how finances will be used by Globalists to control the masses in the run-up to a one-world government. In his latest book, Pirate Money, he discusses how in 1787, everyone understood real money as Spanish gold doubloons and silver pieces of eight. The Founders hid a clause in the Constitution that allowed states to use Pirate Money as legal tender. This book offers a blending of old-world and modern solutions that will forever change the way you view money, and a solution that will forestall the Globalists plans to silence Christians and destroy America. You can watch Kevin weekly on Blaze TV.

In addition to Kevin, we heard from several esteemed men including Dr. Ben Carson and my good friend, Pastor Paul Blair, who has now trained over 1500 Pastors through his Liberty Bootcamps.

Just last week, I traveled to Lynchburg, VA. and joined one of Paul’s Liberty Bootcamps, as the final speaker to over 100 Pastors and their wives.
During the three-day Biblical worldview training, various experts flew in to address the Pastors and call them to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a true “Watchman on the Wall,” which every called man of God should be. At the conclusion of my remarks, I extended an invitation, and dozens of these pastors and their wives came to the altar weeping and repenting of their lethargy in fighting the evils encroaching our great nation.

The Mike Huckabee Show

On September the 22nd, I will be flying to Nashville, Tennessee, to tape a segment with Gov. Huckabee, along with my co-author, Steve Feazel. We are not sure when the show will air, but as soon as we know we will send out a notice to let you know. I am also going to be interviewed with Bott Radio Network, the American Family Radio Network, and several others. We will keep you posted.

The Remnant Alliance

I mentioned in our last newsletter that more would be coming regarding the Remnant Alliance. The Alliance is comprised of four major organizations, all of which bring a different expertise. Historically, we have all worked in silos, doing what we could to slow the drift away from God that all of us were aware, but limited in what we could do as individual organizations.

God gave a vision to Steve Maxwell, which he shared with retired General Jim McClain. Together they conceived of an “Alliance,” believing that like a rope, the more threads you weave together the stronger is the rope. They shared their vision with Paul Blair and others and soon the Alliance began to take shape. The key members are Citizens Defending Freedom, the original member conceived and created by Steve and Jim. Paul Blair brought the needed training of Pastors to the cause, with Liberty Pastors becoming Alliance members. Then they shared their vision with Rick Green, who along with David Barton created the Patriot Academy, an eight-hour course providing a basic understanding of what our Founders intended when they adopted the Constitution. An informed citizenry is required to save America and this course is changing lives. The final base member to the Alliance is Salt and Light Council, created by Dran Reese. She trains and provides every necessary tool to assist the Pastor in making his church an activist church, with knowledgeable citizens who like the Sons of Issachar, understand the times, and know what to do. (See I Chronicles 12:32)

So, what is the role of Recover America? We are the leading edge, along with one other Pastor Ministry, finding and recruiting pastors to attend a Liberty Pastors Bootcamp, where they are challenged to join the Alliance by pledging to have a future Patriot Academy, Salt and Light Council, and encourage their people to become “Citizens Defending Freedom.”
Beloved, I will share more details at our upcoming Reception with Charlie Kirk, who on a much more elevated level, is supporting the Remnant Alliance. I could not be more excited with where God is taking our ministry. That’s why now, more than ever, we need financial partners who will pledge $29.00 a month, which is what we estimate it costs us to recruit a new pastor to attend a future Bootcamp and start the journey toward being a Remnant Alliance Pastor. 

If you can commit $29.00 a month, less than a dollar a day, we can partner in our efforts to change America. I need you to stand with us. If you make that commitment today, I will send you a signed copy of my new book, America in the Balance, free.
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

Dr. Rick Scarborough

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