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Newsletter 8/23/23

Dear Recover America Friend,

A Two-tiered Justice System

That America has a two-tiered justice system is no longer arguable.  That President Trump can be indicted four times while Hunter Biden has thus far escaped every allegation with 51 former intel officers signing a document suggesting that all the indiscretions captured on Hunter Biden’s laptop might be Russian disinformation, which has been completely discredited as a lie if not a conspiracy at the highest levels of government, says it all.  

I recently saw a sign hanging on a fence on a country road that read:  "In this house we believe Hillary belongs in prison, Joe belongs in a nursing home and Trump belongs in the White House".  

Whether you or I agree with the homeowner who posted that sign, it reminded me that for the first time since the Civil War, regardless of which party wins the upcoming Presidential election, half the country will be outraged.  
And if it’s the party of Antifa, BLM, pro-abortionists, and the LGBTQ+ crowd that’s enraged, we will likely see that rage spill out in our cities with violence, mayhem and utter disregard for the rights of business owners and citizens.

America needs healing and only Christians can provide that healing, as we are called to be “Ambassadors for Christ.”  My new book, "America in the Balance", co-authored with Steve Feazel, addresses all of the lawlessness and issues facing our nation today with 23 pages of endnotes citing sources from other works to underscore our assertion that America has lost her way and cannot long survive if the church doesn’t step up and apply the scripture to every issue that divides us.

Nudity in Public is OK if you’re Gay!

On June 17th, Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin was packed with people.  It was the usual crowd shopping at the Farmer’s Market, but those shoppers were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people who came to watch — or participate in — the annual “Naked Bike Ride,” the 13th Annual Naked Bike Ride around the Capitol Square.  Most of the bike riders were completely nude, though many were decorated with body paint, and the “Rainbow Flag” was prominent as well.

This event is world-wide and has been going on since 2001. There are Naked Bike Rides in every US state.  In Portland, there were hundreds of participants this year.  Their stated purpose for these rides is to “support a positive body image;” and reduce fossil fuels.  Their actual purpose is to make the immoral and abnormal, NORMAL and laws for indecency are ignored and not enforced.  

Pastors Must Speak Out! 

Beloved friend, Pastors have a roll in stopping this madness which must be confronted and stopped if we want to avoid the same angry God who has repeatedly destroyed nations that refused to acknowledge his laws and righteous presence.  This kind of flagrant violation of God’s morality, coupled with the perversions taking place in the name of biological science where the medical profession is increasingly aligning with the notion that children can decide they are trapped in the wrong body sexually and can be changed from male to female or female to male, reflects a nation without a moral baseline.

That is why Recover America participates and promotes the Liberty Pastor Training Conferences and has joined The Remnant Alliance. The next one is in two weeks at Liberty University.  Click the following links to register for this or one of the next two coming up:

November School Board Races

Four thousand subscribers get sent this newsletter.  There are school board races in many of your communities in November.  It is imperative that your church family to be registered and informed so you can make a difference in the governance of your local schools.  

If you are in a metropolitan ISD, there is good chance that will be providing useful information on the candidates for school board positions.  We will alert you as soon as this information is available for the November school board elections.

We Need Your Help

Please help us raise up a new and equipped clergy who will stand up to this madness before it is too late.  My new book addresses all of this and more and offers a pathway back to renewal.

You can order "
America in the Balance" by clicking here and an autographed copy will be delivered to the address you provide within three weeks, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  You will receive the book with an invoice including our shipping costs.  

Friends, now more than ever, we need your help.  
Please pray for us and support our work if you can by clicking the Donate button below to make a secure online donation. 
Yours in Christ,
Dr. Rick Scarborough 
Recover America 

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