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The Rainbow Flag Conquered America Right Under the Noses of the Sleeping Churches

By August 20, 2023No Comments

By Rob Pue –

August 20, 2023

On June 17th, Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin was packed with people. It was the usual crowd shopping at the Farmer’s Market, but those shoppers were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people who came to watch — or participate in — the annual “Naked Bike Ride.”

You heard me right, and this was the 13th Annual Naked Bike Ride around the Capitol Square. Most of the bike riders were completely nude, though many were decorated with body paint, and of course, the “Rainbow Flag” was prominent as well. I’ve always just shaken my head at this annual event, assuming it was just another perversion that could only happen in the reprobate city of Madison, home of the “Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

But this year, I learned that this event is world-wide and has been going on since 2001…but only came to Wisconsin 13 years ago. The first Naked Bike Ride took place in Spain that year. By 2004, there were Naked Bike Rides in 28 cities in ten countries. Just six years later, the event boasted 74 cities in 17 countries. Today, there are Naked Bike Rides in every US state. It turns out that Madison, Wisconsin is “small potatoes” compared to some of the others. Madison only had 150 or so riding their bikes naked around the state capitol building. In Portland, there were more than 10,000. Their stated purpose for these rides is to “support a positive body image;” (In other words, “pride”) as well as to “lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.” (Gimme a break!)

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